With a PhoneMondo Professional subscription you will have these additional benefits:

  • Multiple users: Add more users to your PhoneMondo account. For each Windows PC you install PhoneMondo, you need a seperate user. 2 users are included in the Professional subscription.
  • More lines: Monitor more lines for phone calls. 5 lines are included in the Professional subscription by default.
  • Use all addons: Some addons can only be used with an active Professional subscription.
  • Store more contacts: The free plan is limited to 100 contacts. With a Professional subscription, you can store any number of contacts.
  • Data stored indefinitely: In the free plan, data is only stored for 30 days. With a Professional Plan, data can be stored forever.
  • Automatic reports: You can get periodic reports as PDF to your email automatically (i.e. monthly usage report).

Please choose how many users and lines you need:

Runtime 1 month 12 months
Base price* 23.68 € 212.77 €
(included) (included)
(included) (included)
Price per month* 23.68 € 17.73 €
Total price* 23.68 € 212.77 €
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* = All prices shown incl. 19% VAT